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Mimi Jefferson

Soul-Transforming Fiction

Deep Struggles, Deep Pain, Deep Change

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You Have Been SuMMoned

There's No Need to Get Ready.

The Single Sister Experiment is coming for you, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.....

  1. Each man you have had sex with will be present.
  2. Every prayer you have offered to God will be spoken.
  3. Everything you have said or done will be exposed.


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Hi There!!!

I am Mimi

I’m Mimi Jefferson and I write novels to guide, educate, and entertain young women, making the turbulent transition from a worldly lifestyle to one centered in Christ. So far I have two books, The Single Sister Experiment: What happens when Single Women Stop Having Sex and The Bride Experiment: What happens When Single women get fed up?

xoxo Mimi

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MY History

Words that Inspire!

The Single Sister Experiment isn't simply a book but a movement. After reading the book hundreds of women have been motivated to come alongside Joan and live the "The Experiment" for themselves. Reading along as Joan dealt with her pain encouraged others to do the same. Audiences describe Mimi as a brave and transparent speaker. She fearlessly navigates taboo topics with ease. Mimi holds a B.S. in Christian Ministry, has been married for 17 years, and is the mother of 3 daughters ages 9-14. After years of serving her family as a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, she is writing again.

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Book Reviews

If you're looking for an impactful, sometimes unsettling read, this is a great book. Ms. Jefferson is brutally honest about the road Christian women often find themselves walking in search of fulfillment in life, and is equally honest about the degree to which traveling this particular road is a journey of disillusionment and heartache.

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Author Mimi Jefferson's novel, "The Single Sister Experiment", was an eye-opener for me in many ways. A blend of hard-hitting fiction that convicts the reader to take a good look at his/her own life, with just a dollop of fantasy thrown in, wrapped up tightly with the certain surety that our Lord and Savior's ways are indeed "better than man's ways", "The Single Sister Experiment reminds us that many of our life choices are made by default; the loss of a parent at an early age, the pain we suffer as a result of our poor choices....each of these experiences leave their mark upon our spirits and we find ourselves spinning in a circle, unable to break free of the bonds that tether us to our pain.

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This book was life- changing for me, literally! I was going through a rough time in my relationships with men and was very unsatisfied with my life, in general, when, my younger sister recommended I read this. I had just turned my life over to God, but was still living in a worldly way and seeking answers, this book helped me to find them. I read this book and saw parts of myself in each of the main characters. Through reading this book, the online support system of others who were reading it, and the kind words of the author, herself... I was able to allow God to send me the right man instead of choosing all of the wrong ones myself. I am reading it again to help myself refocus, along with prayer and fasting.

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"Change happens in the awkward places we don't want to travel but if we are unwilling to take the bumpy, uncomfortable road then we will fail to change."

-Mimi J

The Bride Experiment

James is days away from his wedding when he learns his fiancée is keeping an explosive secret. Humiliated and with his reputation on the line James sets out to destroy Raquel. But this bride-to-be is fed up with James' lying, manipulative, and womanizing ways. She strikes back with a blow so intense it leaves James suicidal and looking for Jesus. Can this ladies' man really become God's man.

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